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Amman Airport Guide

Amman airport is situated twenty miles South of Amman. It goes by the name Queen Alia International Airport and acts as the door way to the stunningly beautiful Jordan. Jordan has a rich history and has a plethora of attractions that keep tourists coming back every year. Among the main attractions include the Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea, Petra and Aqaba. If you’re visiting Amman for the first time, it is important to familiarize yourself with the workings of the Amman airport.


On arrival at the Amman airport, you will be required to purchase an entry visa. The visa allows you entry to Jordan and only costs 10 Dinars. Should you be having foreign currency, it would be best to change some into Dinars though they also accept dollars. In such a case, the prevailing exchange rate will determine the cost.


Granted, you’ll need some form of transport once you get to the airport. You have several options available:

  • The Bus

The Airport is served by the Airport Express buses that run on thirty minute intervals to and from the Amman city center. You can get a bus any time from 6am to 11pm every day of the week. It takes up to an hour to get to the city center using the bus. It is quite convenient for those who have been to the city before and have no problem using public means. They are also cheaper.

  • Taxi

If you prefer more personalized service, the airport is served by a plethora of taxi service providers. This is probably the best option if you are a tourist and have never been to the city before. It is quite easy to identify the taxis as they have a conspicuous green logo on the passenger and diver doors. Though you may find other taxis serving the airport, they are doing so illegally. Taxi drivers from other cities sometimes venture into Amman. The charges are usually standardized as the drivers have to use meters. However, if you board one any time past midnight, you will have to negotiate with the drive as the charges sometimes double. This is because they are not required to use the meters then. You may also find private cars posing as taxis. Be wary of these as you may end up paying far above the stipulated prices for the journey.

  • Car Hire

While using public means can be convenient, you might find car hire services a far much better bet if you know your way around. There are various car hire companies that would be willing to provide you with a car as long as you meet their conditions. If you are for the idea, you should make arrangements beforehand to make the process seamless. The rental car should be availed at the airport on arrival.


After your time in Amman is up, you should make sure you get to the airport in time. The Amman airport check-in usually opens three hours prior to the scheduled time of departure. It closes an hour before time.


If your departure time is a bit early, then you need not worry about having to travel to the airport in the morning. Queen Alia Airport has a hotel at which you can spend the night. If you don’t fancy spending at the airport, you can opt to spend at the Golden Tulip Airport Amman. It is only 5 minutes from the airport and quite convenient.

To comfortably get around the city during your stay it is advisable to seek out a car hire services from a reputable company. If cost is an issue you can also get quite a number of cheap car hire providers

The Amman Car Rental Guide deals with all major car rental companies and negotiates with the local agencies in Amman to offer the best car rental rates and service for all locations in Amman. This way our clients know they will always receive the best rate and service for their rental car in Amman. In 3 minutes you can compare our rates and book your car rental in Amman while you will find out that we are usually a lot less expensive then booking with the agencies direct.

We offer the following Amman car rental locations

    • Amman Queen Alia Airport
        • Amman

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